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I want to identify with the aims and visions of a club and use all my power to realise them. This means inspiring and motivating everybody involved to be successful as a team.

My credos are: Only ask your players and employees to do what you can identify with yourself. Treat everybody with the respect they deserve and they will do the same.

According to him a coach must have a clear and comprehensible line. Sometimes he must take quick and unpopular decisions, but daily work means consequent development, analysis and reaction.

My teams play flexible systems according to the demands. Thanks to intense training of standard modes like zone defence, pressing and forechecking, the basics for a successful team performance are laid.

Raising the level of each individual player, elaborating his strengths and levelling out his weaknesses are my core focus. This automatically makes the team better as a whole and at the same time increases its value. I pay great attention to detail, e.g. dead ball situations, error analysis in training situations. In modern football details make the difference between winning and loosing.

Feichtenbeiner believes that the classic coaching methods have reached their limits and thus seeks for innovation in the fields of training, game preparation and match analysis. He sees much room for improvement in mental training and has since 2000 been cooperating with the agency Laganda that has left its mark in the German Bundesliga.

I enjoy being a pioneer in modern working methods, because I am convinced one has to be open-minded at all times. Only if you try to develop continually and have the courage to go new ways, you will reach new shores. Moreover, I intend to develop positive energy following my motto “We want to win, we want to act.

This means supporting a healthy level of self-confidence makes the team act instead of solely react, which leads the opponent into making mistakes.

Modern football apart from individual qualities also demands excellent fitness, high technical ball skill and a clever tactical game.

Michael Feichtenbeiner