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Reformation of Indonesian football

   The foundation for important reforms of Indonesian football has finally been laid after a long struggle and lots of resistance.

In mid-May the elections during the general assembly of the Indonesian FA turned into chaos, because the conflict between the two sides escalated, and the assembly had to be stopped. Since this made a result impossible a second try at elections was agreed upon and these were then carried out at the beginning of July. This assembly yielded the result I was hoping for.

The great reformer of Indonesian football and our employer, Arifin Panigoro, and his people have won the elections and can now act. Very many tasks now await these newly elected people:

- reform of the national team

- restructuring of the professional leagues

- reorganization of the FA

- marketing of professional football

-  and so on

You can easily see that this amounts to a Herculean task. Every single one of these tasks in itself would be enough work. The sheer amount of tasks shows the enormity of the undertaking. Knowing this it is easy to understand that many things only advance very slowly. It is, for example, not yet known when the new professional league will start play and under which format.

First the clubs have to pass all the necessary tests, mergers have to be completed and finally the format has to be decided on. As of now, it seems as if this might take some weeks, I hope it won’t take months.

As impatient as one might be, or even disappointed, about this long hiatus, it is probably much more sensible to prepare the new format well and in a way so that everything is reliable. I think that games should only start after all the questions have been answered and solutions agreed upon. So, for now, we will have to be patient for a little longer…